iAM S.T.E.A.M. Academy Programs

The Peoples Foundation team has partnered, affiliated and worked with renowned national organizations all in an effort to be the catalyst for change in our community.  Our goal is to inspire youth from under-represented communities to be involved in technology and STEM pathways. The future success of our young generation will depend on them being full participating members of the Innovation Economy.

Hack-a-Thons | Summer Coding Academy | STEM Tours & Guest Speakers



We offer coding days and hack-a-thon programs for local Middle and High School students. Once the teacher and site coordination is complete, your students will be exposed to leading experts, where they will learn how to code and the uses of technology models.  Our Silicon Valley partner programs (i.e. Make School and CODE2040 among others), are supporters of our program offerings.

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National Partner Make School ​Summer Coding Academy


Summer Coding Academy

The Make School summer coding academy will give youth from Lompoc Valley an opportunity to learn to code in leading coding languages, for 8 weeks in the summer, at the many Make School Campuses across the nation.

This Silicon Valley Y-incubator has changed the face of computer science education.  Peoples Foundation program participants will receive a sponsored discount to experience this amazing summer academy.


STEM Tours

We've partnered with local and national level organization to support the youth to be exposed to some amazing tours...Industry giants like NASA-JPL and SpaceX.

Our goal is to expose youth from our community to as many STEAM career pathways and hands-on events as possible. So, that they are inspired early on to pursue these exciting career paths.


Guest Speakers

We partner with and invite dynamic, renowned guest speakers to reach the youth and young adults in our community. 

Our goal is to expose youth from our community to as many career pathways and gain direct insight from leading professionals as possible. So, that they are inspired early on to pursue their passions and know its possible regardless of their starting point

Who We Partner / Work With

Make School | CODE2040 | YIF-STEM Immersion Events | Freedom Writers

Their missions and efforts can be found here: Make School, CODE2040Freedom Writers , Young Innovators Fair (YIF).


We also work closely with many local partners to reach all youth and young adults no matter where they are at together.  Together we can be the change we want to see in this world join us and support our work.

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