Breaking the Cycle

Our commitment to supporting ALL youth in our community runs deep as we see many youth and young adults in our neighborhoods falling victim to the “School-to-Prison-Pipeline.”  We believe it takes a village/community to break this devastating cycle, which particularly affects African-American and Latino youth. We support our youth by reaching them where they're at via our

Outreach EventsGuest Speakers, Career DaysExperience Tours

Positive Community Impact One Program at a Time

Inspiring activities, like our Art-in-the-Park

Outreach Events

Our juvenile outreach and empowerment programs center on support and providing opportunities to youth and  “at-risk” youth in our community.  We've teamed up with our local Lompoc Valley –Juvenile Alternative Report and Resource Centers (ARRC) of Santa Barbara County to reach the youth our community with immersive program events and inspiring activities like our Art-in-the-Park.

Our most recent trip to FCC Lompoc Scott Williams Training Center featured a presentation from the FCC Lompoc: Inmates Mentoring Peers Against Criminal Thinking (I.M.P.A.C.T) program.  The I.M.P.A.C.T program brings awareness of choice and consequence to youth. This program allows “at-risk” youth to hear motivational and inspirational life stories from a group of inmates offering words of hope and encouragement to educate our youth about where a path of negative and criminal choices could lead, supporting the breaking of a “school-to-prison pipeline” with empowering life alternatives.


Career Days

Our annual career day event brings together volunteers from the community and surrounding areas to speak about career options and the importance of education, and a commitment to living a prosperous productive life.  We've supported over 350 students in this amazing annual event, reaching and positively impacting lives with positive reinforcing messages of hope and "how-to."

Our inspiring guest speakers in career fields offer counseling, coaching and much more.


Guest Speakers

Our youth empowerment programs are about allowing the youth to see those who look like them in career fields they aspire to be in.  We do this by hosting leaders in their industry to speak with the young adults in school and after-school environment -- inspiring guest speakers like Fred Corder - Founder Pockets Fulla Pillz (pictured).

Doing More Together

Our team is routinely out in the community, creating relationships supporting were there is a need.  If you are a like-minded organization and want to work together on community improvement efforts in Lompoc Valley or the region, please contact us.