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Business - It's Global Workshops

 The Global Youth Entrepreneur program harness all the things young people possess ingenuity, passion, lots of energy...and a desire to see their ideas live in the world in the form of a business. Our program focuses on teaching the 7-key elements to Start-Up Entrepreneurship while sharing the elements of a business-impacting their community, the world and the environment.    "Global BusinessWorkshops", nurture and encourage your students’ passions for business, while showing just how connected we all are in business-life, community, the world, and our environment.

The workshop consists of four phases, which are scheduled in conjunction with your "Class Business" program curriculum. It can be scheduled over the course of your annual instruction.

  1. Global Business Workshop: Basic elements of business 
  2. Business Mentoring: In-Class Mentoring Sessions
  3. Design: Infuse Corporate Social Responsibility/Impact  & Pitch 
  4. Global Entrepreneur Capstone  


Business In-Class Mentoring

"Businesses Who Change The World" is our interactive program where we work in tandem with the school's existing entrepreneur/business curriculum and prepare them for understanding global business, and design their "global impact business".

The pitch initiative reinforces what is being taught in the classroom while preparing students to pitch their business plans.  In coordination with teacher, and local/regional sometimes national businesses the student business teams, will have the opportunity to pitch their business to a diverse group of business professionals. The judges will select the winner for continued iteration in class and a chance to be ultimate winners in the Global Business Capstone event - and a chance to visit a: national/global company that represents the ultimate in global business practices and environmental stewardship.

All for a chance to win cash prizes and a chance to participate in our Global  Business Capstone events.


Design & Pitch

The goal of the Global Business Design &  Pitch is to nurture students entrepreneurial plan, infuse an element of corporate social responsibility as well as show them the impact one business can make on its community, the world, and the environment. The youth will be afforded the opportunity to get real-time information from leading industry experts in key business sectors.

Through coaching, lectures, guest speakers and collaborative onsite visits with local, regional and national business owners and experts. The future entrepreneurs work together to launch their own: Global Impact business. 

The program is designed to take place over the course of 3 weeks or a full semester.


Global Business Capstone

Capstone is a travel program that allows students to explore the impact business has on their community, the world and our environment. The business team, who wins final pitch competition will win a trip to visit a local/regional or national business who's operations exemplify global business stewardship.  Business is announced mid-semester. 

Elements of our capstone may even be able to take part in our Business/Tech Thurgood Marshall College Fund -University of Durham, NC Experience.

The participates will play an integral role in the programs’ success. The students will learn much more than business skills, as they work to plan and raise funds to support the trips.

 Hear the success and mission of Thurgood Marshall/OFC to learn why we created this pathway for Lompoc Valley students it will enable our youth to become full participants in the Innovation Economy. 

Providing Experiences Otherwise Absent from Our Community

Peoples Foundation is partnering to provide an opportunity to youth in our community, alongside The Thurgood Marshall Fund / OFC Hack.

This immersive innovative week will be a developmental experience in the lives of these future entrepreneurs, who will gain the opportunity to understand their college options at an HBCU. 

Sponsored by Google, John Deer, and Wells Fargo, exposure and future opportunities will be unlimited at this event.

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